Map out strategic, sales-focused, easy and affordable ways to (re)build your business in 2022 without last-minute stress or needing a big advertising budget.
Get Your Entire 2022 
Marketing Plan Done In 2 Days
Bounce back in 2022 by taking practical, actionable steps to grow on your business
1) 5 Proven, Low-Cost Marketing Methods to grow a successful business and how to incorporate them into your 2022 marketing plan. (Hint: it’s not Facebook ads, a big team or budget, or having to work 7-days a week)

2) 3 Essential Things that every marketing plan needs to achieve its business goals. (It’s a game-changer for your business and personal life!)

3) #1 Practice of all high-performing entrepreneurs (This one thing helped me grow a 6-figure business while raising 2 kids and managing 17 staff!)
Assign marketing activities to your calendar so you know what to do and when.
2022 Marketing Calendar
Brainstorm low-cost, high-impact ways to get your brand noticed.
Game-Changing Opportunities
Identify what’s currently working (or not) for you and your business.
Business & Personal SWOT audit
Here’s What You’ll Do In 2 Days:
Hi, I’m Sheri!
Marketing for big brands taught me how to ‘plan the work, and work the plan’. This skill also helped me bootstrap 3 sales-generating startups, including a 6-figure business while a stay-at-home mom.

I want to help YOU achieve amazing results for your business. Being an entrepreneur is not as hard as some people think, but it does require effort - and yes, strategic planning.

Unfortunately, many business owners (myself included) are dealing with uncertainty due to COVID. While we can't control the larger forces, we can set priorities, make plans and taking action. 

Join our Marketing Plan Challenge today. It’s FREE with a PWYC donation to the Daily Bread Food Bank!
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“If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail”Benjamin Franklin
Build an affordable, achievable 12-month action plan that drives customer interest and sales without leaving you stressed out, confused and frustrated.
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